Autonomous Protocol for Decentralized Development

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Bepro Network

Build the future of Web3

Bepro Network Protocol is a decentralized marketplace and system that connects developers with operators or anyone looking to build open-source development repositories.

Manage disputes in the network, participate in it and earn token rewards by curating the system & providing development resources.


Find issues to work

Connect with builders and other developers and trade your commits, review and work for rewards in BEPRO, USDC or other tokens.


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$BEPRO (Payments)


Curate the system

Create proposals of bounty distributions & curate the Bepro Network by creating disputes whenever you don't agree with a bounty distribution of how much each contributor should receive.


Protocol Members


$BEPRO (Oracles)

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A Protocol for Decentralized Development


BEPRO-JS & The Protocol

TAIKAI created bepro-js to work as a showcase of the protocol, a codebase in Javascript already being used/contributed by platforms as Lepricon, Polkamarkets, RealFevr, Exeedme and others.

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Web3 API Ecosystem

Gaming, DeFi, NFTs and more!

The SDK built via the Protocol that gives you the chance to clone or build on top of its previous contributors, a tool to get your dApp started


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