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Bepro is a task-based marketplace created to help organizations and builders thrive. Organizations can easily create and launch tasks, while builders have the opportunity to work on them and earn crypto as payment, providing a more efficient and transparent collaboration.

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OnChain Task Marketplace

What's a task marketplace?

The marketplace is the space where organizations can launch tasks and builders can work on them. Each task has its own set of deliverables and respective prize. Tasks can range from development, marketing, design, and more.

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Step by step

How to get started

Submit a task

Create, describe and allocate a reward for the task.

Work with the community

Engage with your community and attract builders to deliver the right solution for your project.

Validate and reward

Validate or delegate validation powers to curators, approve the final work and pay with your own token.

Infrastructure Grant Application

Infrastructure Grant Application

Access a set of builders features at Bepro Network, enabling you to launch multiple tasks, engage your community, and reward talented builders with your own $token.

For organizations

Create your custom marketplace

Custom marketplace

Any Organization, DAO, Layer 1 or Layer 2 protocols are able to launch their own task marketplace using their own branding, token and community.

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Reward with your $token

Create and manage tasks using your own token. Ability to use USDC or any other ERC-20 as the payment currency.

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Power to the community

Select your own curators or delegate it to the community to review and create proposals for the task reward distributions.

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For builders and curators

Participate in tasks

Get recognized for your work

All the contributors on a task receive a onchain non-transferable NFT (ERC-721) as a recognition of their work.

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Take part in new projects

Discover new projects to contribute to and get paid for your work.

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Curate the marketplace

Review Work and submit Proposals of task payment distributions, curate the Bepro Marketplaces and earn crypto.

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Audited and Verified

The most secure protocol for decentralized development


Launch your own custom marketplace

Incorporate your brand identity, pay with your own token and have a fully-customizable task marketplace for your organization. Contact us to learn more.

Launch your own custom marketplace
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